L I L I A  L E O N


Lilia Leon is a Mexican-Canadian performing artist with Mestizo heritage, whose artistic practice is deeply connected to her experience as a Latin American immigrant, living in Canada for over a decade.  She has collaborated with a number of Indigenous, Canadian and Latin American artists as a performer, arts educator and choreographer in both dance and theatre. As an arts educator, Lilia’s pedagogy is rooted in empowerment and social justice. She enjoys working in multi-disciplinary and community-engaged projects involving participants of a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds and abilities. As a choreographer she is drawn to themes of identity, home and ancestry. She holds a BA Degree in Dance from York University (2004), and is a graduate of the Professional Training Program at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (2007).

Lilia’s artistic practice is deeply influenced by her work in community- engaged arts. She has developed a strong relationship with Jumblies Theatre, and The Community Arts Guild, participating in several projects and productions since 2011. She has taught for different theatre companies and grass- roots organizations including: ExpressARTE 2012 program for Pan-American youth and for Aluna Theatre’s Young Panamerican Vo(i)ces. She has been a core dance teacher with Kaeja d’ Dance since 2009, teaching their successful EXPRESS DANCE method to hundreds of children from JK to grade 12, as well as the Kaeja partnering technique KAEJA ELEVATIONS.

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